Our Company


Aviano is a risk-focused, professional services consulting firm based in Las Vegas. Our owners are accomplished consultants who have served as senior management professionals of Big 4 Firms and leaders of internal audit functions for high-profile, complex public entities.

We provide partner-level expertise at aggressively competitive rates. Our competitive pricing is possible due to our low overhead and unique operating strategy.
Aviano does not operate in a typical hierarchical structure like the Big 4 or other global consultancies. We do not have layers of bureaucracy that require significant additional expense to maintain. We do not have to consult with distant decision makers at a “national office”.

Instead, our clients have direct access to the decision makers in our firm. All of our professionals have the complete knowledge and hands-on practice experience to independently and effectively deal with every aspect of a client engagement.

Our mission statement

Aviano provides the broad spectrum of expert, reliable management consulting solutions, and services businesses require to mitigate risks, ensure compliance, and seize opportunities in a complex and dynamic regulatory environment.

Our vision statement

Aviano will constantly expand our expertise and extend our value to become not only an indispensable resource, but also a trusted business partner to each client we serve. Our success will be measured by the quality of our counsel, our results, and our enduring relationships.