Service Offerings

Our Anti-Money Laundering Expertise

With an evolving regulatory landscape, Aviano helps organizations stay current and provide extensive experience with real world issues.
Our experience includes:

    • Working with operations and compliance departments to ensure a robust program is in place.
    • Assessing whether Anti-Money Laundering programs use a risk-based approach that focuses available resources on what matters most.
    • Helping organizations develop know your customer (KYC) strategies and additional due diligence processes.
    • Providing application development support in developing requirements and user acceptance testing.
    • Validating that compliance requirements are realized as early in the transaction process as possible.
    • Developing training programs that support front line understanding.
    • Verifying that the records of the organization include sufficient documentation to support reporting requirements.

Our professionals have worked in various jurisdictions (Macao, Singapore, and the United States). This experience allows us to anticipate regulatory expectations as well recommend responses from real world customer cases.

Working in industry, Big 4 firms, and global consultancies, we bring perspectives beyond traditional client service firms.

Our professionals also have relevant certifications, such as the Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS), and Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), among others.